Craftsmanship is the attention to detail that we love.

“A man who works with his hands is a worker; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman” - San Francesco d’Assisi

Paola Zuin collections are entirely made in Italy and embody the cultural background of the most ancient Italian footwear tradition. The production process is closely linked to regional production which makes use of the Italian artisan heritage and the “handmade” culture. This ensure quality and style, that distinguish the real Made in Italy, characteristics that are maintained and preserved throughout.

We believe in the value of the creative artisan genius: for all our production we rely on the skilled hands of local artisans and guardians of ancient crafts which represent Italian excellence.
It is a choice not only of quality, but also of ethics.
Paola Zuin brand combines the craftsmanship of Italian manufacturing with the quality of the materials. Innovation, research and high quality are the basic points of our philosophy.

Innovation, research and high quality are the basic points of our philosophy.

We are constantly on the hunt for the highest quality and best manufacturing and pride ourselves on doing our research from hides to fine leather, linens and silks to soft velvets.

Ethics is important to us and this means collaborating with partners who respect the environment too. Our carefully considered relationships with fabric manufactures and tanneries allows us to offer the best product to our customers and in an eco sustainable way.. From the iconic décolletté to the more informal slippers and boots: every detail is the result of research, perseverance, respect and extreme care.

The peacock, emblem of vanity and elegance.

The use of the peacocks facing each other watching the tree of life and using the stylings from the mosaic floor of the Basilica of San Marco is in homage to Venice, the birthplace of the founder and CEO Paola Zuin.

The peacock, thanks to its colors, symbolizes spring, birth, love and longevity. Its presence is a good omen and, thanks to the beauty of its feathers, it becomes an icon of vanity and elegance.

Details we love


Precious fabrics such as hand-worked canvases, precious threads, ribbons, silks, brocades, solid colors, colored touches, colored patterns, tactile textures and deep shades of the softest velvets always respecting tradition.


Research and craftsmanship techniques for the finest leathers such as black and white pony, calfskin bow, kid leather, printed, soft suede, colored nappa, thick sole leather, nubuck, thin leather that adapts to the foot like a second skin for a high quality handcrafted product.


Contrasting edges, suede bows, sparkling glitter, visible stitching, embroidered flowers, monochrome laces, ornamental applications and festive fringes for collections with a high aesthetic content.


Creativity and novel, a refined and clean design, ad hoc fabrics, exclusive decorations and combinations for a product of absolute quality and with a unique and timeless style.

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