Paola's world

A sense of beauty has always been with us. The trademark depicting a stylized version of two peacocks facing each other while guarding the tree of life, taken from a bas-relief on the façade and from a detail of the mosaic floor of St. Mark’s Basilica, is dedicated to Venice, Paola’s home city.

With its colours, the peacock represents spring, birth, love and longevity. Its presence is a good omen and thanks to its magnificent feathers, it becomes an icon of vanity and elegance.

A few kilometres from Venice, its noble palaces and its history, our adventure unfolds in a land rich in traditions, ancient skills and production excellence that has developed in the shadow of an artistic heritage that is part of our identity.

The taste for colour, hidden features or precious details arises from an awareness of a productive culture that still lives on in all our creations, revived by the pleasure of being able to make it available to anyone who wants to share it.

Details we love


Handcrafted canvases, splashes of colour, abstract designs, precious yarns, ribbons, silks, brocades, plain colours, coloured patterns, tactile textures and deep shades of the softest velvets attract the attention of hands and eyes.


Black and white pony skin, calfskin bows, kid leather, prints, soft suede, coloured nappa leather, the thick hide of soles, nubuck and thin leather embrace the feet and make them feel comfortable.


Contrasting edges, suede bows, sparkling glitter, visible seams, embroidered flowers, monochrome laces, ornamental trims and festive fringes play with colour and extravagance.

Special features

Original designs, exclusive combinations, custom-made fabrics, unique embellishments, recognisable style and memorable lines provide a product of sheer quality and timeless elegance.

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