The history of Furlane takes us back to the landscapes of Carnia and the countryside in 19th century Friuli.

Here, the Friulian women made “scarpets” by hand, using mainly recycled or waste materials, in line with the philosophy of re-use imposed by the economic constraints of the time. During the 20th century, this tradition was perfected in techniques and materials, spreading as far as Venice, where they were also appreciated by boatmen and gondoliers for their comfort and functionality. They have now become symbols of simple and affordable luxury: the reinterpretation of a traditional shoe involves a choice of fine fabrics, which are still loom-woven. Precious patterns and innovative matches combine the comfort of a slipper with the refinement of fabrics that are always unique. Made entirely by hand using artisan techniques, our Furlane ensure comfort and elegance. Bright colours and meticulous finishes make them ideal for any occasion, on holiday or in the city.

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